Swimming and underwater viewing

Enjoy a swim in the Natural Park and discover the magic of its underwater life with your own eyes

If you feel like a fish in water and prefer to take a dip instead of staying on the boat, this is the experience for you.

We will sail to the Natural Park of Cap de Creus where we will do the underwater vision and then we will have a swim in one of the coves of the Reserve.

And for those more daring, you will be able to snorkel* and see with your own eyes the corners where our boat does not reach.

Discover the magic of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and live a unique experience getting to know its seabed!


We will sail along the coast of the natural park of Cap de Creus until we reach Cala Joncols where we will enjoy the underwater view and the more daring can snorkel* and swim.

We will pass by the most touristy and well-known coves of Roses, Punta Falconera, much wilder coves such as Cala Pelosa and Cala Murtra and we will see the imposing rocks of Cap Norfeu.

Meeting points

Check-in will take place 15 minutes before departure. First we leave from Santa Margarita and from there we depart to Roses.